500 million. This is the number of daily users of Instagram, 80% outside the United States, which indicates its international dimension and its multicultural character.

This community of users spends at least 35 minutes a day on the app and now represents a formidable target for brands.

They continue to join her, particularly through social media campaigns.

Instagram is also the fastest growing social network, so it is interesting to develop. It is an ideal space, especially to allow brands to achieve both their performance goals, notoriety and therefore commitment using our Instagram Auditor Socialyz.me

Always with the aim of optimizing this customer relationship, the application launched in 2018 business tools, to analyze the results of the actions carried out by the brands.

These access to statistics make it possible to better know the followers and to access the most popular posts, without leaving the application.

They are all the more valuable as it is possible on Instagram to target its audience very precisely, through socio-demographic, geolocalised or even interest-based targeting. By having a complete media strategy, we can produce the best possible message.

So Instagram not only allows brands to generate, but also to control traffic.

Hard to do more effective ...