How Long Does It Take To Get Results From SEO?

Making it to the top three of a search page is a sure sign of a great website. It ensures a larger volume of online traffic and helps the business attain the desired results. However, making it to the top can be a daunting task, especially for the recently launched websites.

For making it even to the first page of the search engine requires much trustworthiness and credibility. Yes, search engine algorithms scan websites in these parameters.

While the number of trusted sites linked to the website helps determine the reliability, quality content denotes the site’s credibility. In addition to these, the right keywords placed at the correct sequence and number enables the algorithm to place the website in the search engine hierarchy.

Well, SEO or Search Engine Optimization does just that. It smoothens the rough edges, adds value to the site, builds trust and credibility, and helps a website retain a respectable spot.

1. Websites and Search engines:

And like all good things, attaining a spot higher up in any search engine every time a search about the niche is keyed in, demands smart efforts, and takes time. Anyone interested in achieving a spot higher up in the search page must be patient and be well aware of the parameters that search engine algorithms consider while ranking the sites relevant to the search.

It might be disappointing and even frustrating for owners of recently launched websites to find a spot anywhere on the first search page during the early few days or even weeks. The most trusted and accessible search engine Google takes at least three weeks to ‘notice’ a new website.

SEO analyst draw a parallel between a fresher seeking an opening at the relevant industry and a website trying to gain an entry at the search page. A newer, like a recently launched website, does not have the required references to build trust and credibility. In the latter case, there are no additional points for the reputation of an educational institution.

2. Factors that influence search engine rankings:

a) External:

Attaining a top rank at the search page is a task that requires careful and expert planning and implementation of SEO strategies. The general perception emphasizes content, layout, keywords, and links to steer the website to the top of the lot in the search page. However, there are a few other external factors too, that influence the ranking of the website. The elements are as follows:

b) Competition:

Each site has a relevant niche and caters to the entire or a part of the business. Anyone who has just launched a website selling their brand of jeans wears must be aware that they are competing against the more established fashion houses like Levi’s and GAP.

These businesses have a prominent online presence, have built high levels of trustworthiness, are highly credible, and are bound to be ranked higher on the search page.

But with much expert planning and smart implementation of SEO strategies and, of course, with patience and persistence, the new brand can attain a top spot on the search page without directly locking horns with the big shots of the industry.

c) Duration:

The age of the website is a crucial factor. A site that has been active for a decade now has the required base upon which the optimization strategy can be implemented.

With years of intense online presence, a website builds a valuable content bank and gains links to various related sites. This offers a head start, and with a few tweaks or a smart overhaul, one can expect to raise high on the search page.

d) History:

A search engine is like an employer; it grades the websites. The online presence of the site, like the presence of the employees in the company dinners, helps a website to earn good ranks.

This presence is calculated on the number of inbound links the site has. These links connect the website to other trusted websites. Thus, the more the website attends the gala events (websites), the better.

Goodwill: Search engines with their algorithms and fair practices have strict rules to build a safe online environment. To curb and protect the web from foul practices, search engines like Google have advanced algorithms that can quickly detect corrupt practices.

For example, keyword stuffing, plagiarism, illegal backlinks, et al. Often, website owners in a bid to gain higher ranks adopts one or all foul means, which leads them to pay out hefty fines and penalties.

This often proves costlier than the business itself and might require extra time and effort for the website to recover and find a place on the search page.

Well, being aware of the external factors can be helpful to understand SEO better.

e) Internal:

All website owners agree that quality and relevant content, free of plagiarism, is imperative for a website to build online traffic and boost sales. But a few are aware that quality and relevant content also helps the website attain the right spot on the search page.

In addition to other internal factors, the website’s content helps websites attain higher rank on the search engine page. Here are the most important internal factors that can boost search engine rankings for the website:

f) Website content:

Like building a physical store, one has to ensure that the aesthetics entirely matches the items on display. While the interior decorations, paneling, and glow signs do the trick for the physical store, the theme, font, background color, images, and the content makes the online store.

Thus, content that is relevant, original, and adds value to the visitor’s online experience is the key to building an online presence and establishing the website. A website that has created an online presence is more likely to yield great SEO results in a short period than those that are yet to build an online presence.

g) Keywords:

Anyone focused on attaining a higher rank on the search page must have come across this word a million times: ‘keywords.’ Well, the name is self-explanatory, all searches are based on a few keywords, and when placed in a search bar, it initiates the search engine to seek the most relevant results to be displayed.

The search engine will pull any website with the right keywords at the correct instance on the site, and a few other factors will be considered to decide on the ranking, and the results will be up for display.

Thus, the right keywords and quality and relevant content can quickly propel a website to the top of the search page. The keywords are also vital for websites that are young and are yet to attain an established online presence.

Most search engines and other external sites have their algorithms that offer free and paid services to identify the most used words for searches relevant to their respective businesses. These words are termed as long-tailed keywords.

Building web content that strategically places them with relevance is a wise option for optimizing the content for the search engines.

h) Link building: Get Results From SEO

Websites with a higher number of inbound links are higher than those with lesser connections. The inbound links, while connecting the websites to other trusted sites, boost the website’s trust scores.

It enables the search engine to mark the website as a trusted site. Building inbound links with trusted sites takes time, effort, and money but is, without a doubt, a vital part of SEO.

i) Meta descriptions: Get Results From SEO

While Meta descriptions are not directly linked to SEO, they are nevertheless important. They not only help in boosting CTR (click-through rates) but also help in attaining a higher ranking in the process.

All SEO experts lay great emphasis on optimizing the metadata of the websites, from labeling the images to naming the links, Meta descriptions help boost search engine rankings.

j) Time and budget: Get Results From SEO

SEO, as discussed, requires a website to build and consolidate online presence, which requires time. Maintaining a website and keeping it fresh and relevant with quality and original content, along with time, requires money.

Besides great content, other physical campaigns outside the internet can help build inbound links and establish the website in no time.

However, it can be a costly affair. Not all sites have made it to the top of the search page with sponsored ads and commercials, time and persistence of SEO strategies, and websites to make it to the top of the search page.

With each passing minute, hundreds of new websites are being created worldwide. While many of these sites will never make it past the first few weeks of the launching dates, a few will languish at the bottom of the search engine, and only a few still will make it to the first page of the search engine.

These websites, along with great content, smart and careful planning, and implementation of SEO techniques, will have given effort, time, and money to make it to the top.

3. So, how long does it take to get results from SEO?

Well, the answer to this question is relative. Yes, it depends on the website, the business sector, and of course, the expectations of the website owner. But irrespective of all the factors that determine the search engine rankings, SEO takes time! It is an exceptional dining experience, and not a drive-through.

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